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C-Squared2 This Rainy Season - *Coffee and Cashew*

C-Squared2 This Rainy Season - *Coffee and Cashew*

Coffee and cashews are loved by all. Where nothing can beat the taste, aroma, and freshness of the coffee beans, it is also hard to win the health benefits of cashews. However, both are delicious and rich in healthy nutrients. So, who would not love the incredible combo of cashew and coffee? This article would help you find out how unique the blend of coffee and cashew could be so that you could make this rainy season even more perfect with this C-squared.

Health Benefits of Cashews

Before heading towards the power of the blend of C-squared, let’s look at how beneficial cashews are for our health.

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  1. Cashews are excellent for brain health as they are low in sugar and rich in fibers and plant proteins.
  2. Cashews are an optimal source of magnesium, manganese, and copper that makes them perfect for immune health.
  3. Cashews are even best for bone health as well.
  4. Cashews have all the best plant compounds that reduce inflammation and protects against various diseases.
  5. Cashews also help in reducing weight.
  6. Cashews are best for the heart health as well as it is rich in various nutrients.
  7. They are a versatile addition in any of the dishes as cashews add a great appeal to any food, even if ornamented in the raw form.
  8. Cashew nuts are suitable for the skin and also controls blood sugar levels.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Not only the cashews but even the coffee would help you acquire the most benefits for your health. Let’s find out here, then.

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  1. Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants are the bodyguards of your cells as they protect you against all the free radicals.
  2. Having coffee is a booster for all athletes because it could burn 15 calories pre-exercise. This allows the athletes to work harder.
  3. Coffee consumption prevents the risks of Type 2 Diabetes.
  4. Coffee drinkers have 40 percent fewer chances of attaining any liver disease.
  5. Consuming 1 to 3 cups of coffee promotes heart health by reducing the risks of stroke, blood clots, and heart failure.
  6. Drinking coffee usually lowers the risks of certain types of cancers. 

Reasons to Have a Blend of Coffee and Cashews

This C2 combo will serve us the best health benefits. Having a blend of both would be a treat for every individual. Besides all the health reasons, some of the best reasons to have the C-squared together are discussed:-

Strong Aroma

The strong aroma of the coffee and cashews makes your mind alert and enhances your memory and mood. The soothing aroma attained from this blend activates you like nothing else and keeps you in a pleasant attitude all day.

Incredible Taste

Coffee and cashews both are rich diets, and both of their taste is unique. Mixing them and having them together is a great treat for the taste buds, and this combination satisfies you like nothing else. Yes! It is that delicious.

Energetic Field

As this C-squared is full of the best nutrients, having them in the morning keeps you energetic and lively all day. This makes them much suitable for every individual with a hectic schedule, be it athletes, or corporate workers, or even the housewives who have to run after their toddlers all day.

What are the Best Times to Have the C-Squared?

Let’s explore here some of the best times of the day to have the C-squared, coffee, and cashews in your diet.

  1. The best time to have the C-squared is when you plan to have a movie night with your friends. This mixture would surely keep your mind activated all night and allow you to have more fun with your friends all the time.
  2. When guests are arriving at a certain notice, this C-squared is the best thing to please them.
  3. Have a deadline to meet till the morning. The cashew coffee is the only thing that would keep you awake and activated with a fresh mind.
  4. When you want to reduce your weight, Cashew coffee can help you with weight reduction.
  5. On a rainy day, when you want to create the best memories with your loved ones. This squared would help you in making the memory of your life.
  6. Out of all these best times, the top one is when you are craving for it. Give yourself a treat of this blend and keep yourself in perfect health.

How Can I Have the Coffee Cashew?

We have got the perfect recipe for you to have the most beneficial coffee cashew in all the aforementioned times of your life. Let’s discover it then.

  1. Is it your first time? Then start practicing with preparing just two cups only. Make the power cups of coffee in the drip coffee maker. 
  2. Now is the time to add 1/4 cup cashews to a mixer. These cashews provided by the DHKusa cashew nuts distributor could be salted, unsalted, raw, or roasted. 
  3. Pour the hot coffee in it and add a pinch of Kosher salt (just not when you are using salted cashews).
  4. Want to make this power cup even more powerful? Then add a bit of raw honey to it as well.
  5. Turn on the blender and blend the C-squared at low speed for a few seconds.
  6. After those few seconds, speed up the blender for 45 seconds.
  7. The cashew coffee you would take out of it would be creamy, frothy, and smooth. 
  8. Empty the blender and fill the cups by pouring this incredible beverage.
  9. Enjoy every sip of the C-squared.

Tips to Consider

The following tips, tricks, and techniques would help make the right decisions while blending the C-squared. 

  1. To make a blend of cashew coffee, you must have a decent blender. The reason is only a quality blender could help you pulverize the harder cashew nuts into smithereens. After blending the cashews in the coffee, the results obtained are perfect in the form of a creamy and smooth beverage straight out of the blender.
  2. If the blender you have used is left with tiny cashew nuts, use a fine-mesh sieve. Strain the finished coffee inside your cup with the help of this sieve.
  3. You can also soak the nuts in the hot coffee as it would soften them before blending. 
  4. Buy a small blending cup for your personal use. This is best for times when you are preparing a single cup for yourself only. Easy to prepare and convenient to handle. 
  5. Wanna feel smugger? Try adding 2 scoops of collagen powder in the blender as well. 


Coffee and cashews are a powerful combo. It is the best booster for your brain, immune system, in fact, every organ of your body. The best part is it is also a mood enhancer. Having a cup of C-squared could make anyone’s day. This article is the perfect guide about why you should have it when you should have it, and how you should have it.